La sportiva akyra

Akyra is the structured and protective, mountain running boot suitable for endurance routes such as Ultra Trails and Ultra Marathons. Particularly snug fitting, comfortable and protective, it is a trail running shoe designed for extended use on off-road terrain.

Shock absorption, protection and comfort, 3 sides of a perfect geometry: the origami, which inspired the overall shoe design. With Akyra racing is an art. High Volume: Comfortable shoe, ideal for training and long distance running.

Ideal for running either in high humidity or on dry ground. Incorporates the Impact Brake System. The Frixion range uses 5 custom formulated compounds from mountain running to climbing shoes. The innovative system is applied to the sole to absorb negative ground impact, help traction and improve grip downhill. The unique position of the lugs allows as many of them as possible to come into contact with the ground, for maximum impact absorption.

Check the after care area.

la sportiva akyra

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All payments will be remitted to who manages the online sales operations of the La Sportiva online store. La consiglio fortemente. Scarpe molto confortevoli. Ottima anche per il fango. Tutto vero attorno a quello che si dice attorno a queste scarpe Riesco ad allenarmi e fare gara finalmente senza problemi alle ginocchia. Meilleur chaussures de trail de la marque.Each outing featured mostly dry trails and weather, with temperatures ranging from the 50s to 70s Fahrenheit.

A stable trail-running shoe with a more traditional 9mm dropthe Akyra have good support, thanks to a soft, dual-layer EVA midsole, a firm heel cup, and a thick heel for a cushioned strike when running. Enhancing stability are narrow, horizontal strips of plastic over the midsole exterior below the uppersextending from heel to midfoot on each side. The shoes run a bit small : I normally wear a U.

la sportiva akyra

The AirMesh uppers breathe fairly wellgenerally keeping my feet from overheating, even on a hot, humid day and a sweaty hike on steep trails in the White Mountains. Flexible TPU Microlite Skeleton overlays on the uppers protect the mesh and provide added support over the top of the foot.

But despite cutouts in the overlays, that protection comes at the price of some breathability. Click here to sign up for my FREE email newsletter.

Click here to learn how I can help you plan your next trip. Follow my adventures on FacebookTwitterInstagramand Youtube. Sticky Frixion rubber with an aggressively in-cut heel for braking, and relatively deep, well-spaced lugs for a shoe in this category, deliver all-around good traction for hiking and running on a variety of trail surfaces: packed dirt, loose dirt or sand and pebbles, and mud. For trail runners and hikers who frequent rugged, up-and-down trails, the Akyra is a light, breathable shoe with impressively good support for weighing barely north of a pound-and-a-half per pair.

See categorized menus of all of my gear reviews at The Big Outside. A former field editor and primary gear reviewer for Backpacker Magazine, Michael Lanza created The Big Outside to share stories and images from his many backpacking, hiking, and other outdoor adventures, as well as expert tips and gear reviews to help readers plan and pull off their own great adventures.

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And click here to learn how I can help you plan your next trip. Know someone who loves the outdoors?When you say the Akyra fits a wider range of feet than the ultra raptor, how does it do so? I have a really wide toe box and have had good luck with the raptors so am wondering how it compares. These look great for winter running! Nice "spikes" : But, when it comes to hiking during the winter, I like my ankles secured better so I more lean to hiking boots. Here's an article talking about some of the best hiking boots I can think of.

Thanks for the review. I used the Wildcat for few years, but surprisingly enough this year they were too small I would use it mainly for hiking and mountain walking when no-winter time. What would be the closer to Wildcat, Akira or Ultraraptor? The Akyra is a different shoe than the Wildcat and Ultra Raptor which seem more similarit is on the heavy side as a trail runner, but great if primarily hiking.


As far as the arch goes, they seem similar with an average arch. Have you considered custom insoles, or even superfeet? After this review and my earlier comment I bought the akyra a few months back as a replacement hiking shoe for worn out wildcats. My impressions are below, take them for what you will: I have a wide foot but have had very good luck with la sportiva despite their reputation as runnin narrow. I ended up returning the Akyra after putting around miles on them both running and hiking under load.

The shoe was great, except it didn't not fit my foot. The upper is lower volume than the wildcat and therefore less sloppy, but less forgiving when your feet swell after long days. Compare the insoles they are exactly the shape of the wildcat, however the upper is softer where it connects to the sole so my foot spilled over a little causing me to blister I never blister.

I really wanted to like the shoe. However I have returned to the wildcat as my hiker and bushido as my runner. All of that said I would recommend the shoe as long as you don't have my "square feet".

Great review - thanks! Just wondering about sizing. Generally La Sportiva e. Ultra Raptor runs a bit smaller length-wise than my regular running shoes Brooks Adrenaline and hiking shoes Merrell Moab Ventilator. Does this run true for the Akyra?

Should I size-up accordingly? What size did you select EU compared to your US size in other brands? Thanks again.

I find that the Akyra runs true to size and not quite as snug as other Sportiva models, but it depends on your foot, preference and sock choice.

La Sportiva Akyra : test & avis !

Good luck! I've been running with the Akyra for 8 months and have little to add to your review, except for one maintenance issue: My laces broke down recently; the outer material tore and exposed the filling.Scarpe molto protette, stabili con un fit e grip eccezionali.

Dal lato negativo Lontano dalle montagne, si sentono goffe e pesanti. La Sportiva Akyra, la scarpa di corsa in montagna del marchio di Val di Fiemme, testata e sviluppata nel cuore dei Dolomiti. Calzatura da trail running strutturata e protettiva perfetta per utilizzi Endurance, Ultra Trail ed Ultra Marathon.

Tomaia avvolgente e flessibile con applicazioni protettive Flex-Guard, suola con esclusivo sistema Trail Rocker. Sviluppata e testata in, Trentino, Dolomiti. Per scrivere la review delle Akyra, abbiamo messo insieme ben 3 recensioni diverse, realizzate in paesi diversi da utenti diversi, in modo di poter indicarvi tutti i pro e contro di questa scarpa per corsa in montagna. Prima di tutto, capiamo il motivo per cui sono state disegnate.

Quindi lunghe distanze. Prime sensazioni La Sportiva Akyra. La prima sensazione Il piede entra bene, facile facile, molto confortevoli. Secondo le diverse recensioni: Obbiettivo Centrato! La Sportiva utilizza il TrailRocker per aiutare questa transizione. Recensione La Sportiva Akasha. I lacci sono lunghi e un po' elastici, scorrono molto bene. Purtroppo non hanno un sistema per fissare i laccetti una volta allacciati.

Si differenziano molto bene entrambe le zone, addirittura i tacchetti sono diversi. Nel resto della suola, i tacchetti sono direzionali, favorendo la trazione in avanti.

la sportiva akyra

Hanno un livello di trazione fuori del comune Comunque non sono le peggiori. La tomaia nuova, si vede qualche filino sia dentro che fuori della scarpa ma che non rappresenta nessun problema in assoluto. La Sportiva ha scommesso molto su questo modello… bene… hanno vinto!. Se vuoi correre e correre ancora durante tanti km, queste sono le tue scarpe.

Sono molto ma molto confortevoli, ben protette e ti permettono di correre veloce e agile. Non gliene frega niente il terreno, vanno bene dappertutto, sono un vero 4x4. Sono state concepite per la lunga distanza, ma sono una buona opzione per i trailers che vogliano avere un unico paio di scarpe per correre in montagna, serviranno per allenare o per correre qualsiasi distanza.

La Sportiva Akyra sono Ottime e basta. Scarpe da consigliare ad Occhi Chiusi, diventeranno il punto di riferimento come lo sono state le UltraRaptor. Trazione eccellente. Manca qualche sistema per tenere i lacci.Calzatura da trail running strutturata e protettiva perfetta per utilizzi Endurance, Ultra Trail ed Ultra Marathon. Tomaia avvolgente e flessibile con applicazioni protettive Flex-Guard, suola con esclusivo sistema Trail Rocker.

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la sportiva akyra

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These services are for the most part offered by external operators.The Akyra is the newest trail running shoe from La Sportiva. With a burly upper, plush 9mm drop midsole, and an aggressive and grippy outsole, there is a lot to love about the Akyra. I wrote a preview post for the Akyra after a few outings with the shoe. Buy on Amazon. Buy on REI. I know the Akyra is billed as a trail running shoe, but few times have I worn a trail runner that felt this much like a designated hiking shoe.

At If I laced the Akyras loose enough to make my forefoot comfortable, my heel would slip while hiking uphill. If I laced the Akyra tightly to lock down my heel, my forefoot felt squeezed and unable to splay. No matter how hard I tried, the lacing tension always found a way to even out and be uniform from top to bottom.

La Sportiva Akyra // Gore-Tex Shoe Review

Things were either too loose or too tight. This is really a shame, as the rest of the Akyra upper was stellar. The only fix for this is to swap out the stock laces for bubble laces or something similar.

I have a narrow heel and wide forefoot, so being able to lace a shoe around the shape of my foot is critical. I was able to complete a 13 mile hike with around ft of elevation gain in the Akyra without any foot problems, but the level of comfort throughout the upper just never felt right to me. Again, with a narrow foot, your miles may vary.

The height of the heel cup is pretty high, but the cutouts are deep, which fits my foot nicely. The Akyra is pretty wide through the midfoot, allowing my foot plenty of space. The Akasha feels a tad more snug for my foot. The upper on the Akyra has a lot going on.

They also dried rather quickly after trudging through snowmelt and slush. On top of that is a TrailCage midfoot wrap to hold the midfoot and provide lateral stability. The Akyra has a gusseted tongue that does a great job of keeping out dirt and debris.

The toe guard works very well on the Akyra, protecting my toes from direct hits. Before hitting stretches of trail like this, I would tighten the laces, and then loosen them for the buffed out stretches of my hike. The Akyra is listed at 25mm in the heel and 16mm in the forefoot for a 9mm drop.

For reference, the Akasha has 26mm in the heel and 20mm in the forefoot for a 6mm drop. These midsoles offer some serious protection and stability, without much ground feel. I really like the density of the EVA on the Akyra and would love to see the Akasha move to the same compound. As I mentioned in the intro, the Akrya feels like it was built to be a hiking shoe. What gives the Akyra this feeling is the extended TPU counter that runs from the heel into the forefoot. This TPU counter gives the Akyra a great deal of lateral stability and overall support.

I do a lot of hikes with my son in his Osprey Poco carrier. The total pack weight is usually around 40lbs. The Akyra handles a heavy pack flawlessly, with all of the stability and support of a shoe like the Salomon XA Pro 3D.

The Akasha also uses FriXion Red.

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